Meet Us

Treating your well is what we do

Alpha Bioscience has over 26 years of serving the San Juan Basin with very successful paraffin chemical treatments. Paraffin is an ever evolving monster that we adapt to with each well. There is no set standard for how to treat a well — we build a custom treatment plan that will keep your well flowing.

How we work

Communication is key —  we regularly call lease operators and foremen to see how the well is doing. If there is room for improvement, please don’t hesitate to tell us or make recommendations about your well operations. Our goal is always to provide great service, accurate chemical application and reliable maintenance, with the least downtime possible.

Chemical optimization is key to the greatest results for your dollar, providing:

  • Highest run times and reduced costs
  • Reduced downtime and regular inspections
  • Increased productivity for the producer’s lease operators
  • Lower tank rejection due to lower BS&W
  • Clean separators and tanks

Continuous improvement and communication

  • Monitor well production, wireline cutting reports, back off rates, and lease operator communications
  • Monitor for incidental well issues
  • Custom charts, graphs, and treatment summaries
  • Communication through email, text and phone with performance reports


  • We pride ourselves in No Incidents and No LTI’s (Lost Time Incidents)
  • Drug Free
  • Provide proper training and continuous safety awareness for our staff
  • CDL certified
  • Hazmat endorsed
  • ISN member

Work Permitted for

  • Jicarilla Apache Nation
  • Southern Ute Tribe
  • Ute Mountain Ute Tribe



Jicarilla Apache Nation Work Permitted

Southern Ute Tribe Work Permitted

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Work Permitted

CDL HAZMAT Certified

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