Alpha Bioscience Company provides chemical and biochemical treatments to increase well production and improve environmental remediation. We have over 25 years serving the San Juan Basin, and customer service is our #1 goal. Meet Us.

Chemical Enhancement

54GO™ products clean out paraffin blockages, reduce friction and increase flow rates. It is the most versatile paraffin dispersant on the market – we can treat your well, your oil tanks, and flowlines.

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery

Micro-Tes microbes lead to enhanced oil recovery by breaking down residual paraffin, asphaltenes and other emulsifying agents within the production zone. These microbes also reduce the viscosity of the oil, making it more flowable.

Field Work

  • H2S field testing
  • Pressurized sample gathering
  • Natural gas sampling
  • Field O2 monitoring




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